REST API Changes to Bearer Representation

The presentation of bearer information in the SIMPro REST API responses has been revised.

Formerly, bearers were displayed as a single text field containing values such as "4G" or "LTE-M". However, in our continuous efforts to offer more transparent and adaptable data, we have shifted to representing bearers as arrays. This modification allows for a variety of network technologies combinations, including "2G", "3G", "4G", "5G", "LTE-M", and "NB-IoT".

Furthermore, it is important to note that the outdated approach of representing bearers as text fields is now considered deprecated. Consequently, the previous text representation will be eliminated from the API responses on 28th June 2024.

Recommended Actions

To ensure seamless operation of your services, we advise you to update your systems to support the new array representation of bearers in the REST API responses. This will necessitate modifications to your API integration to interpret and manage bearer information in the array format.

If your current processes rely on the outdated text representation of bearers, we strongly recommend transitioning to the new array representation promptly to prevent any interruptions once the outdated method is discontinued.

Kindly be aware that the REST API documentation has been revised to reflect these changes, accessible here: SIMPro REST API Documentation.

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