How can I view my tags in SIMPro?

  1. Log in to SIMPro and go to the Subscriptions page.
  2. You will need to add a custom tab to your table to show a summary of the tags you have assigned to each SIM.
  3. Click the + button to add a new custom tab to the table.
    Frame 7.png
  4. From the pop-up box that appears, select the options for Tags and No. of tags from the Customer column.
    Frame 8.png
  5. Click Save, and you will be able to see these columns have been added to your Subscriptions table.
    Frame 9.png

Note: 'Tags' will show the specific tags assigned to each SIM.
'Number of tags' will show how many tags each SIM has been assigned. You can only have up to 10 tags assigned to each SIM, so this column will allow you to track how much space for tags you have left. If you exceed the limit, you can remove tags to make space for new ones.

You can use the filter and search features on the subscriptions page to find the SIMs with certain tags applied to them. 

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