How to activate a SIM

  1. Log in to SIMPro and click Subscriptions to view your SIMs.
  2. Select the SIM(s) you wish to activate and click Activate:

    You will be taken to the Activate SIMs page.
  3. You can add an optional customer reference if you want to track the request against your own systems. This will appear in the subject line of the audit emails.
  4. An optional additional email address can be added for this individual request, as well as the registered email address on the account.  
  5. Select the Activation Profile drop down to choose the activation profile you want to use. To view the details of a particular activation profile, select it and click View Activation Profile information to display the full details:


  6. You can use custom fields to add a label to identify the connection. For more information on custom label fields, view our guide here.
  7. The default billing start date is set to the date of the activation request and inclusive usage data will be pro-rated from that date for the month. However, you can request a start date of the first of the current month, which will backdate the inclusive allowance for the full month. You can request this regardless of which date in the month the activation takes place.
  8. Once the details have been completed, press Create Request:


If you encounter any issues when following these steps, please raise a support ticket in SIMPro (Help > Support Tickets).

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