Using tags in SIMPro

What is a tag?

You can add a tag as a method of individually identifying SIMs that share similar information. For example, you could assign a tag to all SIMs that belong to a specific customer or location.

Tags are best used for grouping large groups of SIMs together.

Note: Only admin users can create and edit tags.

How are tags different from custom fields?

Tags are great for grouping SIMs. However, if you want to add a more unique identifier that is not shared by other SIMs, or only a few other SIMs, adding a custom field is better.

For example, you could set up a custom field to identify SIMs by their device ID. One device may hold multiple SIMs, so instead of creating multiple ‘device ID’ tags to group the SIMs, you can create a ‘device ID’ custom field and enter a value for each SIM. You would then be able to search your custom field to find an individual SIM’s device ID.

Tagging best practices

  • Try to use a dash instead of space on a tag to make it clear the words are not breaking into multiple tags e.g. “dash-cam” instead of “dash cam”.
  • Do not create more than one tag identifying the same group e.g. “dash-cam” and “dashboard-camera”; instead, use one common term to group all related SIMs.
  • If you start typing a tag name, e.g. “dash-cam” and the predictive list shows something similar, e.g. “dashcam”, use the pre-assigned tag. Do not create a new one if they both identify the same group, as this could give false results when filtering and searching.
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