What SIM actions can I manage in SIMPro?

You can use SIMPro to manage a number of actions with your SIM.

Log in to SIMPro and click on Subscriptions from the navigation bar.

Note: The Subscriptions page is where you will spend the majority of your time on SIMPro, as you can view your list of SIMs here.

Select a SIM to manage from your list. 

What actions can I manage?

  • Activate: Activate an inactive sim (Note: If SIM is inactive/cancelled, not all networks will allow you to activate it yourself)
  • SIM refresh: Manually disconnect/reconnect to the network to establish a fresh connection
  • Edit: Input/edit custom fields of the selected SIM
  • More Actions includes:
    • Cancellation requests
    • Add a full bar (to temporarily stop using data)
    • Remove a full bar (to use data again)
    • Enable/disable roaming
    • Send SMS
    • Request a SIM Swap (only for certain networks)
    • Move SIMs (select SIMs to go into a SIM group)


To learn more about your Subscriptions page and the actions you can manage, contact support@wirelesslogic.com to book onto a SIMPro demo.

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