My SIM does not have a data connection

If your device does not have a data connection, there are several investigative steps you can try.

SIM status

Check the SIM status allows for data connectivity.

SIM refresh

Try to refresh the SIM (if possible). Reboot or power cycle the device.

APN settings

Check the APN settings on the device are correct.

If you are unsure what the correct APN settings are for your SIM, you can check the attachment in the email we provided when the SIM was activated. You can also find your APN settings in SIMPro. For more information, please see our guide here.

Tip: If you regularly find yourself asking what the APN of a SIM is, consider adding an “APN” custom field in SIMPro and recording it there for easy access. For more on custom fields, see our guide here or attend a SIMPro demo to learn more.

Coverage checkers

Check the local network coverage and mast status.

Many networks provide an online coverage checker. They can be found by Googling “[Your network] network coverage checker”. You can also check our guide here or look up the network coverage in SIMPro (Help > Coverage Checkers).


If using the SIM outside of region covered by the booked tariff, ensure data roaming is enabled on the device. Please see your device manual or consult your device manufacturer on how to do this.

Other troubleshooting

Other useful things to do include:

  • Try the SIM in an alternative device
  • Try an alternative SIM in the same device
  • Try the device in a different location
  • Manually roam the device onto the network or onto a different network (if possible)
  • Attach an antenna to the device.

If you are still experiencing data connectivity issues after completing some or all of these steps, please contact our team:

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