MCC and MNC information

What is MCC and MNC?

MCC: Mobile Country Code – Identifies a specific country.

MNC: Mobile Network Code – Identifies a specific network in a country.

The Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) is defined by the combination of the MCC and MNC.

What is the purpose of MCC and MNC?

The MCC and MNC play a crucial role within the mobile telecommunications ecosystem by identifying the roaming subscriber’s home network. This is used for identification, routing services such as voice, SMS and data, and billing.

The MCC and MNC enable seamless international roaming, ensuring your M2M devices stay connected globally and delivering data.

How do I find this information?

Each International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) has its own MCC and MNC built within the number series, consisting of the initial five or six digits.

The MCC is the first three digits and the MNC is the following two (sometimes three, as some operators carry a three-digit MNC).

For any specific requests or questions surrounding your MCC and MNC, you can raise a ticket or get in touch via chat.

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