My SIM is not making outbound CSD calls and/or receiving inbound CSD calls

If your SIM is not making outbound CSD calls and/or receiving inbound CSD calls, you can try the following:

  1. Click into the SIM details in SIMPro to check CSD calls are enabled.
  2. Refresh the SIM and reboot or power cycle the device.
  3. Check the local network coverage and mast status. Many networks provide an online coverage checker. They can be found by Googling “[XXX] network coverage checker”. Please see our guide here or check the network coverage in SIMPro (Help > Coverage Checkers).
  4. Check if you can send or receive CSD calls to/from other devices.
  5. Check you are using the correct country code. Some of our common prefixes are:
    • +44 - UK

    • +31 - Netherlands

    • +45 - Denmark

    • +33 - France

    • +34 - Spain

    • +49 - Germany

    • +1 - North America (US & Canada) 

  6. If using the SIM internationally, ensure international roaming is enabled on the device. Please see your device manual or consult your device manufacturer on how to do this.
  7. Other useful things to do include:
    • Try the SIM in an alternative device
    • Try an alternative SIM in the same device
    • Try the device in a different location
    • Manually roam the device onto the network or onto a different network (if possible)
    • Attach an antenna to the device.

If you are still experiencing CSD call issues after completing some or all of these steps, please contact our team:

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