My SIM/device is not connecting. What can I do?

There are some quick actions that you can take to quickly rule out some common causes of connectivity issues:

Does the device have the correct APN configured? 

To see which APN should be used, you can check the order completion email we sent when the SIMs were activated, or our guide here.

Does the device have signal? 

If the device does not have good signal, try moving the device around the local environment to improve it. For example, move the device away from other wireless devices, close to a window or outside.

If the signal is still poor, the general area may have poor coverage. You can check this by:

  1. Search: "[XXX] network coverage checker" online (e.g. "EE network coverage checker online").
  2. Use our network coverage checkers guide here.
  3. Raise a support ticket (Help > Support Tickets.) Please include the postcode of the location in your request.

Has the device been rebooted? 

Try to refresh and reboot the device. This can often help solve issues.

Make sure the SIM has been inserted correctly.

Check the SIM status

Check the SIM status allows for data connectivity. Some SIM statuses are designed to block data connection attempts:

  • Barred full: The SIM is not usable until the bar has been removed – can be removed by user.
  • Barred approval needed: The SIM is not usable until the bar removal request has been approved by Wireless Logic. Bar must be removed by Wireless Logic.
  • Inactive: The SIM is not billable or usable.
  • Inactive swapped: The SIM is an old SIM from a SIM swap and is not billable or usable.
  • Cancelled: The SIM was previously requested for disconnection and the 30-day cancellation period has passed. The SIM is now cancelled and cannot be used.

Your SIM will only allow for data connectivity if set to one of the following statuses:

  • Active: The SIM is billable and usable.
  • Active ready: The SIM is ready and will activate when used for the first time.
  • Active test: The SIM will become billable and active if it hits one or more of the thresholds set on the SIM (amount of data, SMS, or number of months that have passed).
  • Locked due to IMEI change: The SIM will only work if it is in the device it has been locked to.

Check the SIM in SIMPro

Our SIMPro portal holds a lot of information that can help troubleshoot. Things to check include:

  • SIM status: For some networks, you can check in SIMPro to see if the SIM is in session.
    1. Click on Subscriptions in the Navigation bar.
    2. View the individual SIM details by clicking on the ICCID hyperlink.
    3. Click Get live status to find the details:


  • Last SIM session: You can find when the last session was by clicking into an individual SIM on the Subscriptions page and clicking on Show detailed usage:


If the SIM/device is still not connecting, you can raise a support ticket. Please provide as much information as possible, including the SIM details and what steps you have taken already.

Other troubleshooting

If your SIM still cannot establish a data connection, view our guide here.

If you are experiencing issues with sending or receiving SMS, view our guide here.

If you are unable to make or receive voice calls, view our guide here.

If you are unable to make or receive CSD calls, view our guide here.

If you are still experiencing issues after trying all or some of these steps, please contact us so we can help:    

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