Sending SMS in SIMPro

To send SMS from your SIMPro account, log in and click SMS > Send SMS:


Adding recipients

You will need to start by adding the recipient(s) you want to send an SMS to. There are four different ways to do this:


  1. Use the search box to look for the name or number you want to add. These can be any SIMs, not just Wireless Logic SIMs:

  2. Click on the SIM once the correct details pop up. It will automatically add the SIM to the Recipients panel on the right-hand side:



  1. This tab displays a list of all SIMs on your Wireless Logic account. Tick the SIM(s) from the list to select your recipients.
  2. If you want to send to the entire list, use the Select all button:

  3. Once you have made your selection, click Add to add to the recipients panel:


Imported/saved numbers

  1. This tab displays any previously imported or saved SIMs. These could be any SIMs, not just your Wireless Logic SIMs. To use these SIMs, click Add selected numbers:



  1. Any time you add multiple SIMs as recipients, the recipients panel will offer you the option to save them as a group:
  2. These groups are then visible under the Groups tab. Tick any groups you want to add and click Add selected groups:


Sending SMS

  1. When you have chosen your recipients, a box will appear for you to write the contents of the SMS message.
  2. Click Send SMS when you are finished:

  3. If you want to use the message again in future, you can save it as a template:

  4. To select a message template, use the dropdown on the right-hand side:


To learn more about creating message templates, importing numbers and other SMS actions you can manage in SIMPro, view our guide here.


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