Setting up SIM groups

What are SIM groups?

SIM Groups allows a single billing account to group together a collection of SIMs.

You can add SIMPro users into a named SIM group, limiting their view to only that group of SIMs. This way, different groups can be managed independently.

Note: SIM groups is a permission-based feature and is not currently available to all customers. Wireless Logic will need to set up the initial group and admin user. The admin user will then be responsible for managing their groups and users.

Creating a SIM Group

  1. Select Account > SIM Groups to bring up the SIM groups management page:

  2. To make a new SIM group, select in the table where in your hierarchy you would like the new group to sit.
  3. Click Add Child to add the new group below the current level or Add Sibling to add at the same level:


    There is no limit to the number of groups and levels that can be created.

To learn more about setting up and managing SIM groups, contact to book in for a SIMPro demo.

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