What does my device’s signal strength suggest?

If your device displays the signal strength, the below table may help in reading these results: 

Signal strength General results
-50 to -79 dBm   Considered great signal (4 to 5 bars)  
-80 to -89 dBm   Considered good signal (3 to 4 bars)
-90 to -99 dBm   Considered average signal (2 to 3 bars)  
-100 to -109 dBm  

Considered poor signal (1 to 2 bars)  

-110 to -120 dBm   Considered very poor signal (0 to 1 bar) 

If you are experiencing intermittent connection and slow speeds, these are common signs you may have poor signal. You can use our guide here to try and fix issues with your connection.

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