How to create a 6 month usage report

Step 1: Download “Invoice Detailed Report” for all relevant months from SIMPro.

BillPro > Downloads > Invoice Detailed Report. These downloads will be sent to you via email.


Step 2: Open the most recent “Invoice Detailed Report”

This will provide the most up to date SIM Numbers and information. You can delete any columns that are not related to your query, make sure to keep the CTN, SIM Number, Tariff code and any usage columns you are interested in.  Make sure to save the document at this point.


Step 3: Change the “CTN” format from Text to Columns.

This will allow the vlookup in the following steps to work. Select the “CTN” column > Data > Text to Columns > Finish. If any unwanted decimals appear, change the format of the column to numbers and get rid of the decimal places.


Step 4: Open the previous months “Invoice Detailed Report”.

Open the previous months usage detail report and repeat step 3.


Step 5: Add the previous months usage to the report.

In the next available column of your main document perform a vlookup using the CTN values to paste the usage values from the other invoice detailed reports. Copy and paste these values as numbers after otherwise there may be issues viewing this information in the future.


Complete Steps 4&5 for all the months you require.

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