Creating SIMPro templated reports

  1. Log in to SIMPro and click on Reporting > Templated Reporting in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on Create to build a new report.
  3. Name the report.
  4. Choose a category of report from the template dropdown menu:
  5. Select which services you want to report on (voice, SMS, data) from the Services dropdown menu and click Apply.
  6. Select the usage month(s) you want to report on and click Apply.
  7. Click Next to run the report.
  8. You can use the buttons on the Report details page to filter, adjust the view of the columns on the page, export, save and schedule the report:

Note: SIMPro reporting looks at the last three months of data. If your report needs to go further back in time than this, please contact us at to see if we have access to this data. 

For more information about SIMPro reporting, book onto a SIMPro demo.

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