web.direct 2.0 Setup: Templates

web.direct links can be added to desired devices by using a predefined template. web.direct templates are accessible in the portal menu web.direct and can be either generated or personalised:

  • To add a new template, click on the button Add+.
  • To personalise an existing template, click on the Edit button located on the right side of the template.

Template settings:

Activated The template can be activated or deactivated.
Create links When this function is activated, web.direct links are automatically created for the new devices based on this template.
Inheritance The provision of this template for sub-clients (partners) takes place via inheritance. This special function is only available to authorised users.
Priority The position of the web.direct link in the portal view is determined by its priority. The priority is allocated on a scale that goes from 0 (highest position) to 99 (lowest position).
Created on Date of template creation.
Updated on Date of the last update of this template.


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