Delivery costs

Delivery methods

Our methods of delivery vary depending on the order size and destination address. Our preferred delivery services are either Royal Mail or DHL.

All our deliveries are Delivered-at-place (DAP).

Shipment timescales

Shipment timescales vary depending on the order type and delivery method:

Order type Timescales
Royal Mail Next day
DHL 1-2 days transit

Delivery costs

Pricing is calculated based on current carrier costs. These costs are determined by package weight, size and destination. Wireless Logic delivery charges are separated into SIM or Hardware orders.

These prices are subject to change without notice, depending on carrier charges.

SIM only orders:

UK (under 400) Royal Mail delivery service
SIM quantity Next day (before 1pm) Next day (before 9am)
1–200 £10 + VAT £21.50 + VAT
201–400 £12.50 + VAT £25 + VAT
UK (over 400) DHL delivery service (1–2 days transit)
SIM quantity Next day (by end of day) Next day (before 12pm)
400–3500 £15 + VAT £25 + VAT
3501–5000 £20 + VAT £30 + VAT
5001–10000 £30 + VAT £40 + VAT
10000+ On request On request

Hardware orders:

Items per shipment Cost (+ VAT) UK delivery service
(next day)
1–2 £15 Royal Mail (before 1pm)
3–5 £15 DHL (end of day)
6–20 £30 DHL (end of day)
21–35 £40 DHL (end of day)
36–50 £55 DHL (end of day)
51–70 £70 DHL (end of day)
71–80 £80 DHL (end of day)


DHL (end of day)
91–100 £100 DHL (end of day)
101+ Orders will be scheduled and priced as above per shipment
Items Cost (+ VAT) International shipping
All On request On request

As costs are determined by weight, the pricing structure is calculated by the number of items included per shipment.

Hardware items to be counted include routers, antennas and cables.
Note: SIMs and other small accessories do not affect shipment cost when shipped along with routers.

For hardware orders, the cost for delivery will need to be included when creating the Purchase Order.

Please check with our team: if you require a quote for an international order.
Note: Customs charges are not included.


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