Ordering SIMs in SIMPro

To order a SIM in SIMPro, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Orders located within the navigation bar.
  2. Click on SIM.
  3. Click on Place Order.
  4. There are tiles for each network which you have previously signed an agreement for. From this selection:
    • Select the Product type from the dropdown.
    • Select the Status from the dropdown.
    • Select the Activation Profile (depending on the status selected) from the dropdown.
      Note: If any of the above fields are greyed out, these are unable to be changed.
  5. Enter any required information for Custom Field 1.
  6. Enter the quantity for the order.
  7. Click Add to Basket.
  8. Repeat these steps if multiple products are required.
  9. If you need to adjust any items added to the basket, click back into the basket.
  10. The delivery address for the order can be adjusted using the Change Delivery Address button.
  11. When you are happy with the order, click Confirm Order. Here, you can:
    • Add specific delivery instructions.
    • Add a contact number for the courier.
    • Add a purchase order reference.
    • Agree to the T&Cs.
  12. Click Proceed to place the order.
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