IMEI locking services

What is IMEI locking?

The IMEI is a distinct serial number assigned by the manufacturer to identify the cellular device.

Enabling your IMEI lock option will allow you to restrict SIM usage exclusively to a designated device, identified by its unique IMEI number.

Why should I use IMEI locking?

If an unauthorized individual gains access to your device and you have IMEI locking enabled, they cannot misuse the SIM card by inserting it into another device.

Who can use IMEI locking?

IMEI locking is supported on the following networks:

  • AT&T 
  • Conexa - LD 
  • KPN 
  • O2 Global 
  • Rogers 

What happens when an IMEI lock is triggered?

If an IMEI lock is triggered, the network will send Wireless Logic a push notification and automatically change the status of the SIM to 'Locked due to IMEI Change' in SIMPro. This status means the SIM is in a barred state and cannot perform any further activity. 

When enabling an IMEI lock, the IMEI of the current device will not populate in SIMPro. It cannot be pulled on initial registration and will only populate in SIMPro if the IMEI lock is triggered. Once triggered, the IMEI of the new device it has been placed into will show in SIMPro.

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