How to request SIM replacements and SIM swaps

Types of SIM replacement

There are multiple ways to replace a SIM:

  1. Cancel and replace: If your SIM is lost, stolen, damaged or faulty, on a case-by-case basis, you can request for us to cancel the existing contract on the original SIM. You will start a new contract on the replacement SIM, which we can supply. The replacement SIM will have a different MSISDN number, as the old contract was cancelled and a new one started in its place.
  2. Cancel and reactivate: This is the same as 'cancel and replace', except instead of us supplying a new SIM, you can provide your own inactive stock, where the old contract can be reactivated.
  3. SIM Swap: In a SIM swap, we keep the existing contract and move it to another inactive physical SIM. This means that you will retain the MSISDN and IP that was already assigned.

Requesting SIM replacements

If you need to replace a SIM, please send an email request to

You will need to include the following details:

  • Mobile network operator (MNO) of the SIM (not all MNOs support direct SIM swaps or swapping across different networks)
  • Delivery address (if the replacement SIM needs to be shipped)

  • SIM size required for the replacement SIM

  • Destination tariff for the replacement SIM (SIMs can only be swapped to a different tariff on the same network if the line rental is higher)

  • If you are using your own inactive stock for the new SIM, provide the relevant ICCID.

Requesting SIM swaps

If you want to request a SIM swap, you can also do this directly in SIMPro:

  1. Log in to SIMPro and click on the Subscriptions page.
  2. Select the SIM you want to swap.
  3. Click More actions > SIM swap:
  4. If you require a new physical SIM card, tick the Request a new SIM box.
  5. If you have the replacement SIM card in your possession, paste the ICCID of the SIM you wish to swap onto into the New ICCID box.
  6. Click the Create Request button.


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